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Photography is essentially about light, and its effect, shadow.


It is the interaction or interplay of light on, or with the elements that I try to showcase in making my images. Light has got to fall somewhere. My current interpretation of my photographic impulses is to  capture, in a moment of time, the processes of the elements taking place in the scene before me. The image is a frozen moment of time. Time is an element, too.


I try not to take the cliche images and always look for what appear to me to be unusual. Many of my responses to scenes and scenery will be similar to countless others: dawns, dusks, and sunlight are very alluring -so everyone finds inspiration and impulse to pull our cameras or smartphones to record them. Dawn and dusk are very interesting passages of the planetary day. The light comes in very low; and its quality reflects and adds to the peacefulness that descends at those times. They seems to encourage a reflective attitude and connection with nature.

Photography is only a hobby to me. In common with the times, I have thousands of images - but no where to arrange and present them in a way that is meaningful to me. The more images taken, the fewer are actually shown in a coherent way. 

Elemental Imaging provides a framework, both my own interpretation of the contents of the latest SD card and then a tool for displaying them. 

Using the theme of the elements - provides an index point  with which I can articulate my interpretation of the reason the scenes prompted my to take out the camera, in the first place, (and maybe, the choice of lens as well) 


The Theme is not perfect - it was not meant to be a straightjacket - The theme, 'Habitat' allows a breakout to reflect on the way we live and order our environment now.


Thanks for taking the time to look through these pages. i hope some will resonate with you. Please contact me if you want further information about me or this site.


Dec 2018

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