Theresa May

Nobody imagined it could get THAT bad. It is like watching a Greek tragedy. It is not even as if luck has deserted her; its actually that luck has turned against her. She has lost control and incompetence has infected the whole Tory machine. After watching her her speech on becoming Prime Minister, and then hearing almost the same content re-hashed in some of the set pieces that followed, I realised that rather then the ‘safe pair of hands’ she had been portrayed as the received wisdom was up until June this year, she was utterly lacklustre. She had no imagination; no vision and no dynamism. I suppose what could you expect from a politician who had found her home at the Home Office. That department has been so dysfunctional for so long that some of its former responsibilities were taken over by another department. The watchwords that she seemed to abide by were, ‘keep your head down’ and ‘caution first and always’. She seemed to be in a permanent state of defensiveness. No wonder that historically,  so few Home Secretaries make it to the top job. But a department that controls the police, immigration, public order, internal security, is never going to zip with excitement and inspiration. And so it has proved.

it is bad enough that, since June this year, everyone has decided she has nothing to say. But worse, when she does open her mouth, the sentence always begins with , ‘I am clear….’ An awful phrase. has anyone told her to drop it? It is meaningless. Today, when she wanted to speak, something shut her up; indeed it was her own throat.